Keep Showing Love Corporation seeks to love, serve, and empower people in God's way. Through all activities, support, and outreach, we hope those who interect with our organization are drawn closer to God. We also hope everyone walks away feeling encouraged,refreshed and empowered to raise out of hardship or life setbacks.

  • Employees & Amazon Management Donations.

    Every donated item will go towards helping those in need.

  • Amazon Support & Donate

    Thank God for Amazon ATL2, for donating personal hygiene items and more.

  • Amazon Decorate & Set-Up Donation Bin, For Keep Showing Love.

    Thank you again Amazon management, for decorating a donation bin for Keep Showing Love.

  • Gateway Center, Atlanta

    Thank God for the oppopportunity, every donation made will go towards helping others in need.

Keep Showing Love Corporation

The organization is organized in accordance with the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Act, as amended. The organization has not been formed for the making of profit, or personal financial gain.