Valarie is the founder and CEO of Keep Showing Love & Genesis1:3Candles.

Over 6 years ago, God blessed her with the gift of candle making. This particular gift was given to Valarie for a purpose, and by the grace of God, she's been using this gift to help not only her family but also those in need.

Through candle making, God began to humble Valarie and allowed her to go through some things for his glory. This was when Keep Showing Love begin to come into manifestation!

Valarie was going out daily to not only sell candles from the trunk of her vehicle but at the vendor events, holiday festivals, pop-up shops, parks, and markets. She would often be approached by someone in need dealing with homelessness. God was and still blessing the gift of candle making and opening up doors for the opportunity for Keep Showing Love to be beneficial so it could not only be a blessing for her but for others.

Keep Showing Love is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. Not only are we working daily to be a reflection of God's love to everyone we meet. We hope and pray others can see, feel and understand God's genuine love when they come in contact with us and our organization.

It doesn't matter your past mistakes, ethnicity, nationality, religion or gender we're here to serve you and to help you get back on your feet! Simply because we love you! God bless!